Red Mountain Landscapes

Expanding your living spaces. . . environmentally.

​At Red Mountain Landscapes, we want you to find value in your garden.  From the nostalgia of a simple trail through the woods to the effectiveness of a cobble formed rain garden, our goal is to recreate the naturally occurring beauty of your surroundings.  It's about bringing function to your landscape.  Our work can be found from Asheville, NC to the lakeside lots of  Lake Keowee, SC.

Red Mountain Landscapes is a landscape construction firm only.  We focus our passion in bringing various outdoor features to life:

- arbors/pergolas

- boulder retaining walls, steps, & patios

- pervious paving, pathways, and trails

- re-naturalizing wildflower meadows

- low-voltage outdoor lighting and  efficient irrigation

- edible gardening and

- the installation of native & indigenous plant material.

Our craftsmanship and attention to detail ensure we've examined all the possible conditions.  Soil analysis, drainage assessment, and environmental stewardship are regular logic in our landscape construction.

For a conscience approach to natural gardening, try Red Mountain!