Deer Resistant Landscaping

Your landscaping is an investment of your time your money and there is nothing more frustrating than seeing it get eaten or destroyed by wildlife. Deer, while beautiful and usually peaceful animals, can wreak havoc on your landscaping and garden areas. If you have already tried commercial deer repellents ou might be interested to learn that there still is hope. Below are five deer resistant plants to consider when planning your landscaping to prevent grazing on your property.


These bright beautiful flowers bloom annually as a single head atop a stem, making them great for bouquets when cut. They bloom mid-summer and aside from regular watering and sunlight are low maintenance.


Also known as the “spider flower”. These flowers are very easy to care for, prefer full sun and will bloom from early summer until the first frost of the season.


A perennial herb. Sage is a fast growing plant with gorgeous blooms. Deer seem to really dislike the flavor of the plant and usually stay clear. Sage requires at least a partial sunny areas and blooms in spring and early summer.

Black-Eyed Susan

This native perennial is very hardy and blooms from mid-summer to fall. Black-eyed Susan attracts birds and butterflies and are usually quite easy to grow.


Usually spreading 1-3 feet wide these flowers are great bloomers that thrive from mid-summer until they are dead headed in the fall. Their vibrant color adds a wonderful touch to the landscape.

Red Mountain Landscape's highly trained professionals can help you select plant varieties that are less appealing to deer. We can also offer you assistance you in other ways to prevent wildlife exposure such as protecting tree trunks, netting and more.

Contact Red Mountain Landscapet at (828) 772-7732 to inquire about making your landscaping more deer resistant today!

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