Winter Plant Care

While the winter season brings continuous fun & festivities for us, plants are going dormant so that they can be brilliant in the spring. Here are some tips to consider for taking care of your plants so that come spring they will flourish. Trees & Shrubs:

  • Water until the ground freezes so that they can retain enough water to last all winter.

  • Mulch around the base of the tree or shrub to prevent fluctuation in soil temperatures. This can be fallen leaves & small branches that are nearby.

  • Wrap the trunks of young trees to protect against frost damage, or any tree that may be chewed on by hungry animals.

  • Shelter against wind and snow. Create a fence on the north side of the plant with wooden stakes and stretch a piece of burlap between the stakes. Pull tight and staple to secure it. Also keep your plants clear of snow, being sure to clear branches so that the weight doesn’t damage them.

Roses: In southern and coastal zones protection against winter weather is as easy as applying mulch around the base of the plant.In colder zones building a cage is an option for roses that are not hardy enough to withstand the cold. Build a cage with wire or wood that is 6 inches taller and 12 inches wider than the plant. Anchor the cage to the ground and fill with compost, straw or shredded leaves. Wrap in plastic to protect against wind and humidity. What problems do you face in during the winter months? Let us know, comment below.

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